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Hey guys.  This is our blog!  Here we will be discussing current events, class information and anything else relating to the government and the economy.  This will be part of your grade and you will be required to participate weekly in blog chats and discussions.  I will post current event articles for you to respond to as well as things I want you to comment on from class.  This is also a place for you to ask your classmates questions and further your knowledge.  Always remember to be respectful to your classmates when responding to their posts.  If you are rude or disrespectful I will deduct points from your grade and if it continues there will be disciplinary action.  This is a safe place to discuss...remember that!  Well, have fun and lets get started!
3/18/2012 22:40:18

As we cant belive polities it a changing process if one doe god the other party
says that' wrong.


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