Read and respond to the following article.  Is removing Gadhafi from power in Libya the answer?  Which side do you agree with?  What could be the potential outcomes of this decision?
As you have read in your book, the debate over the Constitution was one that divided the country and ultimately created political parties.  After reading the book, as well as the Federalists Papers, which do you think you would have been; A Federalists with Hamilton, Jay and Madison or an Anti Federalists with Jefferson, S. Adams and Patrick Henry?  Also, do you see any of the concersn the Anti Federalists had playing out in 2011?  Why or why not? 
Chapter one deals with discussing why younger generations do not vote or become as active in politics as the senior members of society.  So, the future of America, answer me this..."Why aren't young people voting?"  Are they turned off of the government?  Are they too apathetic?  You tell me why your generation is seen to be less active than generations of prior.  Also, respond to a classsmates post as well.  This will be up until Wednesday...This is a participation grade.  Happy Blogging!
So this is our class blog.  We will be using this weekly, if not daily.  Here I will create discussion boards for your participation.  This is a place for you to state idea and maybe even learn something!  Ha, what a concept.  I will usually post articles of interest for you to read and respond to here, as well as discussion questions for us to talk about.  Please remember to be respectful to your classmates.  Disrespect and mudslinging is one of the biggest problems with our governmental system and we will not duplicate that behavior here.  So, be honest, be passionate, but always be respectful!